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who we are

We are a startup focused on making dirty water clean for the most demanding applications. Such is our design: Clean water, when you need it.

Aarya Shahsavar, P.Eng.

Co-founder, CEO


Management, hardware, software & process (engineering physics with great distinction).
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Alexander Chan

Co-founder, CTO


Mechanical Engineer-in-Training, mechanical/process designer and team creative lead.
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Dawson James



Mechanical Engineer-in-Training, mechanical/process designer and master maker/machinist.
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Ryan Winquist

BD Manager


CPA Candidate, B.Comm. Accounting, B.A. History. Business Development
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Adam Richard Clark



Chemical Engineer-in-Training (with great distinction), process guru and lab analyst.
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Brent Wirachowsky



Hardware Engineer-in-Training (engineering physics), control system philosopher.
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Water covers 71% of the Earth —

yet only 1% is fresh and readily available for us.

Total Fresh Water Reserves (Low): 1%
Simple. Scalable. Inspired.
Our technology is built to reuse and recycle highly contaminated water, making clean water more affordable and enabling previously uneconomic applications.

Inspired by the Earth’s natural weather cycle, our technology recaptures and reuses the energy put into it, reducing energy expense. The same thermodynamic forces that give rise to hurricanes through latent and sensible heat in humid air are harnessed in our mobile treatment system to create two output streams, clarified effluent and pure distilled water.

Accelerated flocculation of industrial waste effluent and produced waters for total suspended solids, while simultaneously producing a very high quality distillate are our key competitive advantages.

Unlike other water treatment systems, we don’t use expensive pressure vessels or membranes which are vulnerable to corrosive chemicals, prone to fouling and scale formation. Our process is flexible, operates near ambient conditions and will adapt to your application. This makes it practical for remote or stranded operations where ease of maintenance is essential.

Our technology uses less energy (reducing greenhouse gas emissions), is safe to operate and further protects the environment by recycling water.

Patent Pending


We are creating a turnkey water recycling system for the fracking, mining, remediation and desalination industries which can be used on site to simplify logistics, and reduce costs related to transport and storage of water. We are providing a modular, scalable system that uses less energy than conventional methods, and adapts to the application. Fresh water on demand when it is needed, to blend with other sources, recycle and reuse waste water, and significantly cut back on hauling and disposal costs. Other benefits include:
  • A simple, automated system that is configurable to your needs
  • Adaptability to changing input contaminants in the field, from oil droplets, organics, hydrogen sulfide, bacteria (including SRB/ARB), high total suspended solids (TSS) and very high total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • Lower demand on water withdrawals as water is recycled on site
  • No need to retrofit existing operations, our modular design allows for the use of main or generator electricity
  • Significantly reduce costly hauling, disposal and other water management costs in hydraulic fracturing and environmental remediation.
  • A fully mobile, containerized system that makes the water point of use the same as your source without the logistics
  • Control of output water chemistry, ranging between industrial quality and distilled water depending on your requirements.
We are interested in partnering with industry to create a full scale system that fits your product/market needs. Contact us below for more technical and business information and inquiries.
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